Custom Fabricated Plate Pre-Heater for the Stone Processing Industry

Custom Fabricated Plate Pre-HeaterThe product highlighted here was built for use in a limestone processing facility, it was designed as a pre-heater used to heat limestone prior to processing. Measuring 20′ in height, 50′ in diameter, and weighing 200,000 lbs. the unit was constructed of abrasion resistant (AR) plate, A-36 carbon steel, and stainless steel, in thicknesses varying from .375″ to 1.500″. All of the raw materials where cut using CNC burning which offered the advantages of accuracy and maximized the use of materials. All of the components where formed to the customer supplied drawings, and received extensive visual and dimensional inspections. Assembly was completed using flux core arc welding (FCAW), the unit then had a coating of zinc primer applied. It was fully assembled in our shop to verify fit and dimensions; then dismantled into 12 sections for shipping. To learn more about this project, see the table below or contact us directly.

Highlights of this Custom Fabricated Project

Product Description

This pre-heater is used to heat lime stone prior to going into the processing plant.

Custom Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes

CNC Burning

  • Cut Flat Plate to Correct Geometries

FCAW Welding

  • Assembled and Broken Down into 12 Sections for Shipping


Overall Part Dimensions

Material Thickness: .375″ to 1.500″
Height: 20′

Diameter: Ø50′
Weight: 200,000lbs

Material Used

A-36 Steel
Stainless Steel
Abrasion Resistant (AR) Plate

Material Finish

Zinc Primer

In process testing/inspection performed


Industry for Use

Stone Processing



Delivery Location

Central Ohio

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
AWS D1.1

Product Name